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Looking for a Holiday Home in Portugal, Madeira or Açores?

Visit Portugalexclusive for your holiday home.

Portugal Holiday Rentals


Would it not be nice when you arrive early or late at night and you have already a food package in your rental car?

Visit our service site and order one!


This could be your holiday home, visit Dit kan uw vakantie huis zijn, bezoek Dit kan uw vakantie huis zijn, bezoek Dit kan uw vakantie huis zijn, bezoek  

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Rent a Dongle arrange Internet for everybody who travels in Portugal at a reasonable price.

Get now your Dongle and NO ROAMING.

Your advantage No ROAMING costs.
Do you travel in Portugal and you want to read in privacy your emails and not in a lobby of a hotel? Then we have the solution for you, RENT A DONGLE.
No obligations, No contract Select your hours you need and the period you are here in Portugal. When your holiday is finished, just post it in the mailbox, there is a post-office at Faro airport, with the received return envelop with a stamp. As soon as we received the Dongle at our office we will refund your deposit.
Controle over your hours You have full controle over the hours you used, every time you disconnect you will receive a message how much is left on the Dongle. But always close your connection with the disconnect button!
Sharp prices STOP looking for a cheaper and better service, we have it here in Portugal. With Rent a Dongle, you pay only pay from € 1.70€ / hour (unlimited download in that hour) SAVE UP to 90 % on your telephone bill!
Ipad & Microsim Rent a dongle can also supply a MicroSim for your Ipad.
Service & Helpdesk Rent a Dongle is 24 hours / 365 dagen per year reachable. By email or phone.